Our Services

We offer inter modal logistics from anywhere to anywhere. In conjunction with our carefully selected global partners and our own regional offices, we are able to move cargo to and from any point worldwide. We offer Parking, Sea, Road, Rail, Freight forwarding, Clearance of export and import cargo, Air freight services, Commercial, Diplomats and non Diplomats consignments. we outsource for the client if they want it to be insured.

Road Freight

We provide both domestic and international door-to-door ground freight…

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Sea Freight

We provide both domestic and international sea freight cargo delive…

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Air Freight

We provide both domestic and international air freight cargo delive…

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Custom Clearing

We gives our clients the peace of mind that all preparations and submission…

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Why Crossing Continents Freight?

Successful international freight, exhibition and logistics management services in challenging markets like India require expertise, inside knowledge, and reputation businesses can trust. This is why  Crossing Continents Freight shipping is the preferred choice of many companies in the region.

Crossing Continents Freight  shipping provides a one stop solution to meet all of your shipping requirements. Crossing Continents Freight has the level of service, experience and expertise to make it happen. You will get personalised crevice at every level with ccf because we are truly independent, make your own decisions and specialise in your home market.

Crossing Continents Freight management has the right mix of expertise and commitment and is fast to adapt to new technologies. Its well established network and tracking software enable to provide fast and reliable information to our clients. Thus capable of handling.

  • Packaging
  • Warehousing
  • Freight forwarding
  • Clearance of export and import cargo
  • Commercial, diplomatic and non diplomatic consignments
  • Projects

We here at Crossing Continents Freight cargo is focused as a pro active cargo gateway by anticipating and reacting to each stage of a shipment transit with commitment and to experience strategic growth of a highly respected and recognised cargo company in the industry.

When you have a skilled freight partner combining traditional modes of transport in order to timely and cost-effective shipping alternative you have a  Crossing Continents Freight brand of Personal Service. We work closely with your business experts to get a thorough understanding of your supply chain requirements. By aligning our flexible sea /air freight products with your precise needs for time, space, frequency and cost. We implement solutions with meaningful results.